Crosshaven Boys' National School

Scoil Naisiúnta Chros tSeáin

Homework Policy

Homework commences at Junior Infants. No child up to 4th class is to receive more than one hour of homework at night.

Jun/Sen Infants  10 mins.
1st. Class 20 mins.
2nd. Class  30 mins.
3rd. Class 35 mins.
4th. Class 45 mins.
5th. Class 1 hour
6th. Class 1 hour

A homework notebook is to be used in all classes from Rang 1 up. Homework to be signed nightly by parent.

Reporting – Records

1. Frequency – once at end of school year.
Date of issue should not be day of holidays. Reports posted home in S.A.E.

2. Content:
(a) Simple, meaningful to parents, truthful, subjects should be mentioned.
(b) Academic progress, social development/behaviour, advice to parents.

3. All staff should understand rating system, and should apply it consistently.

4. Reports should be followed up – appointments with parents.

5. A progress report on each pupil to be filled in at the end of each school term.