Crosshaven Boys' National School

Scoil Naisiúnta Chros tSeáin

Nutrition Policy

Scoil Chros tSeáin, through these guidelines aims to help all those involved in our school community, children, staff and parents, in developing positive and responsible attitudes to eating and to appreciate the contribution that good food makes to health.

Nutrition – what people eat is known to be one of the key factors influencing the health of school children and also staff. Diets, high in sugar have a detrimental effect on concentration and learning.

Some of the healthy snacks that we encourage include:
Small Break: popcorn (plain), fruit, flap-jacks, yoghurt, fromage frais, cheese strings, rice cakes.
Lunches: sandwiches (preferably wholemeal bread), crackers, scones, soup, pasta, raw vegetables – carrots, celery stick, cucumber etc. salad box, cheese-triangles or diced, yoghurt, fruit – apples, oranges, kiwis, pears, plums, raisins, melon slices etc. milk, water and unsweetened fruit juices.

Exceptions to the above may be made on special occasions e.g. school parties/tours etc. and at the teachers’ discretion.

Foods discouraged include; sweets, biscuits, bars, crisps, fizzy drinks.

Peanut Allergy

Due to the increases in peanut allergies among children, we recommend that peanuts and peanut products be excluded from school lunchboxes. We discourage sharing of food amongst pupils for the same reason.

Chewing gum is banned under the School Rules.

Cans and glasses are not permitted for safety and litter reasons.

Foods, which have wrappers, are to be kept to a minimum and disposed of properly. All children are asked to take their own rubbish home each day.

Friday is our treat day. On this day one treat may be included in the lunch box.

All classes will receive a minimum of 2 lessons on Healthy Eating each year.
Teachers will provide modelling and supportive attitudes to encourage healthy eating.

Teachers can encourage children to eat their lunches but they cannot force a child to eat.

Problems with lunches can only be resolved by parent and child.

Healthy Eating Guidelines will be reviewed and a Healthy Eating Week and Exercise Week will be held each year.